SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT                                                Co-Star/Monica                                         Spike Lee/NetFlix

THE BREAKS                                                                 Co-Star/Tash                                              Dir. Neema Barneete/VH1

BULL                                                                               Co-Star/Mirror Abigail                              CBS-TV

LAW and ORDER SVU                                                  Guest Star                                                  Dir. Jean De Segonzac / NBC


SOUND OF DARKNESS                                                  Lead                                                         Melody Cooper/EB  Productions                     

FRONTLINE                                                                      Lead                                                         Punch Back Productions

TICKER                                                                              Lead                                                         Premi Foruzesh/NYU

CHESS BOXING                                                              Support                                                      Rafick Khan/RMK Films

MISTAKEN                                                                         Lead                                                        Dir.Jamal Wright/Minority Films

LOVE IS …..                                                                       Lead                                                        Dir.Jamal Wright/Minority Films

SPEECHLESS                                                                     Lead                                                        Christian Robin/Columbia Univ 

COLOURS                                                                        Support                                                      Brandon Caza / Suburbad Films

PADDLING BACKWARDS                                               Lead                                                        Josh Milowe/ Green Noise Films

INSTANT MESSENGER                                                  Support                                                     Felix Pena/Pena Films  

MORNING STARS                                                             Lead                                                        Joe Fields/BreakNBones Films     

STREET LIGHTS                                                               Lead                                                         Richard Trimmer/Triad Films 

PURPLE WAVES                                                                Lead                                                         Hunter Patrick/Black Noisse


The Atmosphere                                                                 Karen       (Support)                                 Dir. T.Hayden

Breaking Rent                                                                     Kandice   (Lead)                                      Producers Club/NYC

Three Sisters                                                                       Melissa    (Lead)                                      Producers Club/NYC

Remembering the Carol                                                     Reporter                                                   WSGP Theatre/NYC 

Make A Joyful Noise                                                         Leslie                                                        WSGP Theatre/NYC 


Weist-Barron                                           Advance T.V & Film/Bill Hopkins                                       ***2014 Scholarship Recipient   

Fordham University                                                                                                                               B.A. Theatre/Philosophy

Liberty Studios                                        Scene/Character Analysis                                                     A. Lover (Scholarship)

Liberty Studios                                        Movement & Interpretation                                                  J. Gallagher (Scholarship)

Weist-Barron                                           Acting Biz                                                                             K. Urban/J. Bentley      

Actor’s Connection                                 T.V. & Film on Camera                                                         Adrienne Stern (CD

Actor’s Connection                                 Commercial Improv.                                                             Barry Shapiro (CD)

The Network                                           Film Audition Tech.                                                              Jessica Kelly (CD)

Breakthrough Studio’s                            T.V. & Film On Camera                                                        Geoffrey Soffer (CD)

Actor’s Connection                                                                                                                               **2014 Monologue Slam Winner


Dance: Ballet, Modern, African & Hip-hop, Special Talents: Public Speaking/ Debate, Poetry, Nanny Experience, Great with Animals, Computer Skilled, Sales/ Marketing Experience Musical Instruments: Intermediate Piano, Sports: Crew, Ice Skating, Fencing



Hailing from Brooklyn, her journey as an actress began at a young age with her love of story telling. Raised with the guidance of her parents and shaped by the struggles of her environment, faith was everything, education/hard work a necessity and worldly wisdom critical. Blessed as a master storyteller by her endless imagination, love of reading and creating her own stories, Tiffany's passion for theater was ignited. She was soon performing at every possible opportunity from church plays to recitals at local community project centers, hospitals, shelters, and nursing homes.  Tiffany excelled and continued on to receive a full academic scholarship from Fordham University where she earned her BA in Philosophy/Sociology and Theatre. Since she has been diligently working in the theatre, student and independent film community honing her craft as memorable characters such as an angelic runaway in the student film “Ticker” to a bitter drug addict in the theatre production of “Breaking Rent”.   

Constantly in search of new frontiers, Tiffany has paved her own path from joining forces with Carol Ann Nelson to create a children's program "Access Kid's Television" based on her children's book "Red and Red" featured on the BCAT TV Network, to gaining experience working behind the camera with John A. Gallagher (mentor/director/producer/writer) as script supervisor in his short "Expatriate" (Winner for Short Film at Atlantic City Film Festival).  

Most recently, Tiffany made her first television appearance as a Guest-Star on the highest rated episode on Law and Order SVU.  In addition, Tiffany has made many lead appearances in several feature films, a Sephora/Tokidoki international commercial and is a 2014 Weist-Barron scholarship winner as well as  Actor’s Connection’s 2014 monologue slam winner. Currently, Tiffany is working on her one woman show anticipated to debut January 2015. 

                          Stay tuned, because there is no stopping this starlet...there’s so much more to come