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             From the hood, to your T.V. screen, to your local shelf



Meet Tiffany Robinson…cuz the ultimate chameleon is when beauty is the beast!!! Tiffany has paved her own path guided by her entrepreneurial spirit and self-taught attitude. Tiffany’s true grit is shaped by her unconventional beginnings with the dichotomy of a homeschooled kid raised in humble circumstances in Brooklyn.  


            Tiffany excelled and continued on to receive a full academic scholarship from Fordham University where she earned her BA in Theatre and Philosophy. Since she has been diligently working in community theatre as well as in the student and independent film community honing her craft as memorable characters such as an angelic runaway in the student film “Ticker” to a bitter drug addict in the theatre production of “Breaking Rent”.   


               Constantly in search of new frontiers, Tiffany has paved her own path from joining forces with Carol Ann Nelson to create a children's program "Access Kid's Television" based on her children's book "Red and Red" featured on the BCAT TV Network, to gaining experience working behind the camera with John A. Gallagher as script supervisor in his short "Expatriate" (Winner for Short Film at Atlantic City Film Festival).  


               Determined as ever, Tiffany made her first television appearance as a Guest-Star on a controversial episode on Law and Order SVU, portraying a Rihanna-like character shedding light on domestic abuse.  Most recently, she can be seen on Blue Bloods (CBS), The Breaks (VH1), She's Gotta Have It (Netflix) and The Bull (CBS).  Tiffany is also making her mark on the commercial scene, most recently landing a Dark and Lovely print campaign. You probably have also seen her in commercials with Sky Vodka, Sephora or Esty and heard her voice in a few Samsung commercial. In her own words, this passionate go-getter "aint goin nowhere".  With this bold unapologetic confidence, Tiffany is bound to do things unconventionally, pushing boundaries with her strong wild magic. She'll tell you in a second, "if you got the goods...u gotta bake the damn cake!!" 

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